Naturally Dyed Velvet Ribbon-SEASONAL


This beautiful silk velvet ribbon was naturally hand dyed by various ingredients.  The lengths range from 6.75ft-8ft

**Note** For the blues and greens, they were 2-3 step processes and may have slight unevenness.  The extreme ones were pulled from being listed.  

**Note** The nature of silk velvet is fragile.  Be gentle with it when handling.  If there is a loose thread make sure to clip it instead of pull it.  If ribbon is wrinkled, you can steam it at low heat at about 1" away from the fabric.  

-Colors may vary slightly from the mobile or computer screen.

-Please make sure to purchase as much as you need for your projects.  I dye in batches and colors are not always exactly the same.

Ingredients used: Madder, pomegranate, avocado pits, marigold, indigo, logwood, wattle, cutch, quebracho rojo, and weld.